Here is a my complete current Curriculum Vita.

My book, Agents of Change: Political Philosophy in Practice, is forthcoming from Harvard University Press. I have published peer-reviewed articles in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosopher’s Imprint, and The Journal of Political Philosophy, and invited submissions in Public ChoiceArizona State Law Review, and several anthologies, including Essays on Anscombe’s Intention (HUP 2013).

In terms of university service, I am most closely involved with the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights, where I have served as a board member since 2012. At the Pozen Center, I am currently designing a human rights major, and have helped design and coordinate Human Rights in World Civilizations, a new and unique interdisciplinary core class at the University of Chicago focusing on human rights in a global context. I also launched an initiative at the Pozen Center, Justice at Work, focusing on labor rights as human rights, organizing a conference and designing a companion course.

The painting above is by Martin Washburn, my father. For more of his art, visit his website here.