I will be presenting my book manuscript, Agents of Change, and replying to comments by Martha Nussbaum and David Estlund at a full day book workshop on 5/31 at the University of Chicago. https://centerforgermanphilosophy.uchicago.edu/2019/04/18/agents-of-change-a-public-workshop-on-a-book-manuscript-by-ben-laurence/

I will be commenting on Nicholas Vrousalis’ paper at the upcoming Social Justice Theory Workshop on 8/29-8/30 at Concordia University. For more information on the event, see here: http://www.lecre.umontreal.ca/evenement/social-justice-theory-workshop/

I will be delivering a paper on Kant’s Doctrine of Right at The Philosophy of Right: Kant, Fichte, and Hegel at the University of Chicago. https://centerforgermanphilosophy.uchicago.edu/conferences/philright/