Interviews & Appearances


I discuss with Kieran Setiya how my background, including my experience of child poverty, influenced my political philosophy.

Here I discuss some of my older work on collective action. I’m hoping to return to this topic soon in connection with the agent of change.

Invited Speaker at Conferences and Workshops, 2022-2023

“Workers as Agents of Change”, Deliberations without Weights, Copenhagen Business University, 9/14-9/15

“Workers as Agents of Change”, Frankfurt Political Theory Colloquium, Frankfurt University (by zoom), 11/22

“Workers as Agents of Change”, Democracy and Capitalism, Neubauer Collegium, University of Chicago, 12/4-12/5

“Author Meets Critics Symposium on Agents of Change”, Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World, Montreal 1/4-1/7

“Author Meets Critics Symposium on Agents of Change”, Central APA, Denver 2/22-2/25

“The Teleology of Human Rights”, Society for the Philosophy of Human Rights, Central APA, Denver 2/22-2/25

“Unions as Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box”, Keeping the Republic, Notre Dame, 5/8